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About Us

The pharmacists at HelloPharmacist.com are here to help!

All of our pharmacists are registered and licensed in the United States, with varied backgrounds in all areas of pharmacy (e.g. retail, hospital, clinical, etc...). If you have a pharmacy or drug-related question, we can help!

Created in 2021 (by the former owner and editor-in-chief of PharmacistAnswers.com), we are the premier free source on the internet that gives you (our readers) a pharmacist who will personally answer your question in detail, complete with references. All of our questions and answers are posted on the site for all to see.

In addition to our main purpose of answering your medication-related questions, we also have a variety of tools we've created to provide more in-depth information from trusted databases, such as:

We are constantly working to update our offerings. If there is a feature you would like to see on our website, reach out and ask if we can include it!

We take pride in the fact that all of the written content in the answers we provide is created by humans (our pharmacist staff!). Additionally, our drug database content, such as information on herbal interactions and NDCs, is directly sourced from databases like DailyMED or through agreements with data suppliers such as Therapeutic Research Center/Elsevier. This content is diligently reviewed and updated by our pharmacist staff to ensure accuracy and relevance. 

Meet our team

How Do We Review Our Medical Content?

The HelloPharmacist.com professional team, which is comprised of licensed and registered pharmacists in the United States, review and edit all written content prior to publication to ensure medically accurate and referenced information.

In addition, all content is reviewed at set intervals to ensure consistent and up-to-date information is presented. Medical content reviews are always completed by a licensed pharmacist other than the original author of the piece.

Although we make every effort to provide accurate information and only source from the most reputable sources in the industry (See Where Our Information Comes From), errors and/or omissions in drug information may occasionally occur. If you notice any errors or have suggestions for us, please contact us immediately. We will respond and rectify any issues within 24 hours.

Where Does Our Information Come From?

All information provided in our articles is from trusted and reputable medical publishers. Hyperlinks are provided in our articles to direct users to the sources used.

In addition, we utilize the following drug database:

The GSDD is utilized by more 1,500 hospitals and over 35,000 pharmacies in the United States alone. It also provides data to organizations, including government and managed care agencies, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and academic institutions.

The information provided by the GSDD (e.g. ‘Drug Overviews’, ‘Drug Interactions’) is available and displayed on HelloPharmacist.com with permission and under a non-exclusive licensing agreement.

HelloPharmacist.com is certified by the Health On The Net (HON) Foundation.