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    What Is This Tool?

    Our J-Code lookup tool allows you to find all of the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) J-code (and Q-code) drugs and their respective HCPCS Details. In addition, each detail page contains an HCPCS/NDC crosswalk, a billing calculator, and drug information. 

    What Are J-Codes & Q-Codes?

    'J-codes' are drugs that are typically billed through a 'medical' benefit versus a 'pharmacy' benefit under health plans, and are generally not self-administered (i.e. are administered by a health care professional). They consist of chemotherapy drugs and injectable drugs:

    • J0120-J8999 - Drugs Administered Other than Oral Method
    • J9000-J9999 - Chemotherapy Drugs

    Q-Codes are simply temporary codes that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) establish for services and supplies that do not yet have a permanent code.

    J-codes and Q-codes are part of the HCPCS Level II code set used for billing for drugs (primarily injectables), supplies, equipment, nonphysician services, and services not represented by CPT codes (Level I HCPCS).  They are often billed along with a procedure-based CPT code. 

    How To Use This Tool

    Simply search for a drug name, J-code or NDC (i.e. NDC - JCode Crosswalk) to pull up all the details of the J-code.

    JCode Directory

    HCPC Drug name
    J0120 Injection, tetracycline, up to 250 mg
    J0121 Injection, omadacycline, 1 mg
    J0122 Injection, eravacycline, 1 mg
    J0129 Injection, abatacept, 10 mg (code may be used for medicare when drug administered under the direct supervision of a physician, not for use when drug is self administered)
    J0130 Injection abciximab, 10 mg
    J0131 Injection, acetaminophen, 10 mg
    J0132 Injection, acetylcysteine, 100 mg
    J0133 Injection, acyclovir, 5 mg
    J0135 Injection, adalimumab, 20 mg
    J0150 Injection, adenosine for therapeutic use, 6 mg (not to be used to report any adenosine phosphate compounds, instead use a9270)
    J0151 Injection, adenosine for diagnostic use, 1 mg (not to be used to report any adenosine phosphate compounds, instead use a9270)
    J0153 Injection, adenosine, 1 mg (not to be used to report any adenosine phosphate compounds)
    J0171 Injection, adrenalin, epinephrine, 0.1 mg
    J0172 Injection, aducanumab-avwa, 2 mg
    J0178 Injection, aflibercept, 1 mg
    J0179 Injection, brolucizumab-dbll, 1 mg
    J0180 Injection, agalsidase beta, 1 mg
    J0185 Injection, aprepitant, 1 mg
    J0190 Injection, biperiden lactate, per 5 mg
    J0200 Injection, alatrofloxacin mesylate, 100 mg
    J0202 Injection, alemtuzumab, 1 mg
    J0205 Injection, alglucerase, per 10 units
    J0207 Injection, amifostine, 500 mg
    J0210 Injection, methyldopate hcl, up to 250 mg
    J0215 Injection, alefacept, 0.5 mg
    J0219 Injection, avalglucosidase alfa-ngpt, 4 mg
    J0220 Injection, alglucosidase alfa, 10 mg, not otherwise specified
    J0221 Injection, alglucosidase alfa, (lumizyme), 10 mg
    J0222 Injection, patisiran, 0.1 mg
    J0223 Injection, givosiran, 0.5 mg