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    HCPCS Details

    HCPC J0207
    Short Description Amifostine
    Long Description Injection, amifostine, 500 mg
    Pricing indicator 51
    Coverage code D
    ASC payment group code
    BETOS2 code O1D
    Action code N
    Type of service 1
    Effective date 2023-01-01
    Date Added 1998-01-01

    Drug Details

    • Amifostine is used protect the kidneys from harmful effects of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin in patients that receive this medication for the treatment of ovarian cancer. Amifostine is also used to decrease dryness in the mouth caused by radiation treatment after surgery for head and neck cancer. Amifostine is in a class of medications called cytoprotectants. It works by protecting against the harmful effects of chemotherapy medications and radiation treatment.