Can You Split Losartan?

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or not it is safe to cut/split losartan tablets.


Can I cut losartan potassium 25mg in half?

Asked by Gigi On May 11, 2021

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Published May 11, 2021
Last updated Mar 03, 2022

Key points

  • Losartan is a blood pressure medication. It is safe to cut in half.
  • In general, unless it’s an extended release, delayed release, or specially coated medication, it’s usually safe to cut in half.
  • Losartan tablets are not scored and some may have an odd teardrop shape. Use a very sharp and thin blade like a razor to minimize loss.
  • Losartan 12.5mg is an unusually low dose. Only do this if prescribed by your physician.

Hi Gigi and thanks for reaching out to us. I appreciate you asking. I sometimes find out after the fact that my patients have cut a medication in half which can potentially be unsafe. 

Losartan is a medication usually taken once daily to treat high blood pressure. It is perfectly safe to cut your losartan tablet in half. In general, as long as the tablet doesn’t say extended release, delayed release, or specifically not to cut them, it’s usually safe to cut these medications in half. However, exceptions do exist, so please continue to double check for each individual medication. This tablet does not have any sort of extended release mechanism though.

I don’t believe that I have ever seen a losartan tablet that was scored (an imprint halfway through the tablet to allow it to be broken in half easier). Some manufacturers, including the brand, produce these tablets in a teardrop shape which would be extremely difficult to split evenly.

I would recommend using a very thin and sharp blade to cut through them such as a tablet splitter or a new razor blade. If you were to use a regular knife from your kitchen, you might end up with two uneven portions and some unusable powder.  

Lastly, losartan 12.5mg is a very low dose. I have seen it once or twice throughout my career as a pharmacist, but it’s rare. While it’s safe to split the medication, this might not be an effective dose to treat your blood pressure. Please only split these if your physician advised you to cut these in half.

I hope this helps! Feel free to write us again in the future.


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