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I saw you did a health expectancy survey. Do you have the results for it?

Asked by JDD On Feb 02, 2023

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Published Feb 02, 2023
Last updated Jun 14, 2024

Yes! As mentioned in your question, we did a recent life expectancy survey and have the results.

Our latest study aimed to understand Americans' life expectancy expectations. Our survey of 3,000 individuals showed that the average respondent expects to live 80 years, two years longer than the national average life expectancy of 78.

The study also found regional differences, with Rhode Islanders and Nevadans being the most optimistic about their longevity, predicting they'll live to 85 and 84 years old, respectively, six years above their state averages.

Meanwhile, New Mexicans were the least optimistic, expecting to live only until 71 years old, six years below their state average and seven years below the national average.

Our study also found that 38% of respondents take supplements and medication with the goal of living longer, and surprisingly, 42% said they would take a hypothetical medication that would allow them to live forever. 24% were indifferent, while 34% were against it.

The results are shown in the infographic below:

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