Can Vyvanse Chewable Tablets Be Crushed?

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses crushing Vyvanse Chew Tablets as well as alternative options.


Is it safe and/or as effective to crush a 20mg chewable tablet of lisdexamfetamine before administering it? My child is struggling with chewing the medicine, and I'm looking for more options.

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Published Apr 15, 2024
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Key points

  • Vyvanse chewable tablets can be crushed if necessary, but crushing may not fully resolve texture issues and the crushed tablet may still need to be chewed at least a little bit before swallowing.
  • Alternative long-acting medications like Quillichew ER, Quillivant XR, Dyanavel XR, and Adzenys XR, may be options are worth discussing with your doctor to find the most suitable option.


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Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) chewable tablets can be crushed if necessary, as this is unlikely to alter their effectiveness or absorption. In fact, unlike some chewable medications that can be either chewed or swallowed, Vyvanse chewable tablets are required to be chewed before swallowing, as stated in the prescribing information for the drug:

VYVANSE chewable tablets must be chewed thoroughly before swallowing.
Vyvanse Prescribing Information

However, crushing Vyvanse chewable tablets can be somewhat challenging, and they may not crush into a fine powder like other non-chewable tablets.

Vyvanse chewable tablets contain guar gum, which is a thickener used to make them more palatable for chewing.

While not exactly the same, crushing Vyvanse tablets would be more akin to crushing a Skittle (the candy) than crushing a regular compressed powder tablet. I use this example to convey that crushing the Vyvanse chewable tablets may not resolve your problem if texture is an issue for your child. Additionally, a 'crushed' Vyvanse chewable tablet would likely still need to be chewed at least a little bit to be able to be swallowed without representing a choking hazard.

You can certainly try crushing them to see how your child responds, but it may be advisable to explore other options.

Here are some alternative drugs that are all long-acting and not a traditional tablet or capsule:

  • QUILLICHEW ER and QUILLIVANT XR: Quillichew is a chewable long-lasting tablet, while Quillivant is a long-acting liquid suspension. Both contain methylphenidate.
  • DYANAVEL XR: Dyanavel is available as an extended-release tablet and extended-release liquid suspension formulation. Both contain amphetamine.
  • ADZENYS XR: Adzenys is a long-acting orally disintegrating tablet containing amphetamine.

I highly recommend speaking with your doctor to determine the best medication option for your situation. Although I don't know the exact issues you (and your child) are experiencing, something like Adzenys XR, which is long-acting, only needs to be dissolved in the mouth, and contains amphetamine like Vyvanse (Vyvanse contains an amphetamine known as lisdexamfetamine), may be a more appropriate option.

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