Can You Cut Eliquis In Half?

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or not Eliquis tablets can be cut in half.


My doctor reduced my Eliquis dose to 2.5mg twice a day. Since I have many 5 mg pills left over and Eliquis is a very expensive drug, I would like to know if I can split these pills in half with a pill cutter.

Asked by Ragiji On Oct 31, 2022

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Published Nov 01, 2022
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  • Eliquis tablets are film-coated but can safely be cut in half. It is important to take the split tablets for your next doses, and not be stored for later use.


Eliquis (apixaban) can safely be cut or split in half, but it is important to note the tablets are 'film-coated', and doing so will destroy this coating.

the film-coating on the tablets makes them easier to swallow, more palatable (they reportedly have a bitter taste), and protects the tablet from moisture. It does not affect how the tablets are absorbed or work when you take a dose, so destroying the film coating doesn't affect the drug in a clinical sense.

In fact, and we wrote about this in another article, Eliquis can safely be crushed and mixed with water or applesauce and taken that way if it represents the best administration option for you.

Splitting Eliquis Tablets

I certainly understand your concern about not wanting to waste the Eliquis 5mg tablets you have on hand. As mentioned above, you can split the Eliquis 5mg tablets in half to attain a dose of 2.5mg.

Since the tablets are film-coated, you'll want to make sure you use a sharp razor or dedicated pill splitter to cut these tablets evenly in half. You can see in the image below that these tablets are not scored.

Eliquis 5mg tab

Also, it is important to note that crushed or split tablets should not be stored for later use, so don't cut all the tablets at once.

The film-coating does lend some protection against moisture, so if you do split the tablets in half (which will destroy the coating), be sure to take your first dose immediately, and then store the other half-tablet securely and take it for your next dose.

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