Can You Get A 1mg Dose From The Ozempic 8mg/3mL (2mg) Pen?

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses if it is possible to get a 1mg dose from the 2mg (8mg/3mL) pen.


Can I take 1mg of Ozempic from an 8mg/3mL pen?

Asked by baby girl On May 28, 2024

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Published May 30, 2024
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Unfortunately, the Ozempic 8mg/3mL pen only delivers doses in 2mg increments. This is clearly stated in the prescribing information and medication guide for Ozempic. Below is an image from the guide for reference:

Ozempic 2mg pen Instructions

This information is stated on the box as well.

Ozempic box 2 only

If your dosage is 1mg per week, you will need the Ozempic 4mg/3mL pen.

It is important to note that some people, especially on online forums, suggest you can dose 1mg with a 2mg pen by counting 'clicks' on the dosage selector as you dial the dose. This is not recommended as it increases the risk of dosage errors, and the amount of medication per click may not be consistent from pen to pen.

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