Can You Take Tylenol With DayQuil?

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or not Tylenol (acetaminophen) can be taken with DayQuil..


I am taking DayQuil and wanted to know if I can take Tylenol as well on top of it for fever?

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Published Sep 27, 2021
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Key points

  • DayQuil should not be combined with Tylenol as both contain the same drug, acetaminophen.
  • Taking DayQuil and Tylenol together could result in an overdose of acetaminophen.
  • Dosing of DayQuil and Tylenol should be separated by at least four to six hours.

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DayQuil and Tylenol (acetaminophen) should not be taken at the same time as they both contain acetaminophen. Taking both together could result in an overdose of the drug.

However, they could certainly be taken the same day as long as they are separated by at least 4 to 6 hours, as that is the approximate duration of action for both products.

Acetaminophen In DayQuil

DayQuil contains the following drugs (per 15 ml):

  • Acetaminophen 325 mg (Pain reliever/fever reducer)
  • Dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg (Cough suppressant)
  • Phenylephrine HCl 5 mg (Nasal decongestant)

The usual/recommended dose of DayQuil for an adult is:

  • Two tablespoonfuls (30 mL) every four to six hours

The usual/recommended dose of DayQuil for children (6 to 12 years old) is:

  • One tablespoonful (15 mL) every four to six hours.

Based on the recommended dosage, one adult dose contains 650 mg of Tylenol (acetaminophen) while the dose for children contains 325 mg.

Acetminophen In Tylenol

Over-the-counter Tylenol comes in multiple dosages, ranging from 325 mg per tablet (Tylenol Regular Strength) to 650 mg per tablet (Tylenol Arthritis Extended-Release).

The maximum recommended amount of Tylenol per dose is 1,000 mg for the immediate-release tablets and 1,300 mg for the extended-release tablets.

Taking Tylenol With DayQuil

Taking as little as one adult dose of DayQuil (650 mg acetaminophen) and one tablet of extra-strength Tylenol (500 mg acetaminophen) would result in an overdose, potentially increasing the risk of side effects and adverse reactions.

As the duration of action of DayQuil is about 4 to 6 hours, it is important to separate doses of it from Tylenol by at least that amount of time.

So while DayQuil and Tylenol should not be used at the same time, they can be used during the same day, just separated by 4 to 6 hours.


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