Can You Take Hydrocodone And Ibuprofen At The Same Time?

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or not ibuprofen can safely be taken with hydrocodone.


Can I take 800mg of Ibuprofen and hydrocodone at the same time? If not, what is the time frame that I should wait?

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Published Jun 19, 2022
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Key points

  • There is no drug interaction between hydrocodone and ibuprofen.
  • Hydrocodone and ibuprofen are available in combination together, in the prescription drug product Vicoprofen.
  • Hydrocodone with acetaminophen (i.e. Norco, Vicodin) is more commonly prescribed than hydrocodone with ibuprofen (Vicoprofen), but ibuprofen containing hydrocodone products may be more effective for treating certain types of pain (e.g. dental pain).

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There is no drug interaction between hydrocodone and ibuprofen. They can safely be taken together and you do not have to wait a period of time between taking them.

In fact, both drugs are available in a single product, Vicoprofen (Hydrocodone, Ibuprofen).

It is available in a variety of strengths:

  • Vicoprofen (Hydrocodone, Ibuprofen) 5-200 mg
  • Vicoprofen (Hydrocodone, Ibuprofen) 7.5-200 mg
  • Vicoprofen (Hydrocodone, Ibuprofen) 10-200 mg

When Is Vicoprofen Used?

In addition to Vicoprofen, hydrocodone is also available in combination with acetaminophen, which is much more commonly prescribed (brand names include Norco and Vicodin).

There are a few reasons why hydrocodone with acetaminophen is more commonly prescribed, including the fact that acetaminophen is generally considered a safer analgesic, with fewer drug interactions, than ibuprofen.

Nevertheless, hydrocodone with ibuprofen is a good option in many different situations to treat moderate to severe pain.

One such situation is when treating dental pain.

Several studies have reported that hydrocodone with ibuprofen produces better pain relief, and reduces inflammation more than hydrocodone with acetaminophen products when treating dental pain, especially pain after dental surgery.

Hydrocodone with ibuprofen is also a better option for those with liver problems, or in situations where acetaminophen use should be limited.

Final Words

You asked in your question about taking 800mg of ibuprofen with hydrocodone.

As mentioned in this answer, there is no drug interaction, however, 800mg of ibuprofen is considered a 'prescription dose', and is higher than what is recommended to take if you are self-treating pain.

If you are finding you need to take doses that high for pain relief, I would recommend talking to your doctor about your treatment options.

Please keep in mind that the maximum daily dose of ibuprofen is 3,200mg per day (some sources recommend no more than 2,400mg) and long-term use can increase the risk of side effects, like bleeding.

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