Can You Dose 0.25mg Of Ozempic With The 2mg Pen?

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Hello, I have a question about Ozempic. I have a 2 mg pen; however, I'm supposed to take 0.25 mg according to my doctor. How do I take 0.25 mg from a 2 mg pen?

Asked by Jay On Jul 01, 2024

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Published Jul 02, 2024
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Thanks so much for your question!

It's not clear from your question which Ozempic pen you have, and that is the most important consideration here.

Ozempic pens come in three different dosage options, which can sometimes cause confusion. They are usually identified by the dosage they deliver per injection (e.g., 1mg per dose, 2mg per dose, etc.). However, they can also be referred to by the total milligrams contained in each pen:

  • 0.25/0.5mg per dose (2mg/3mL - 2mg total per pen)
  • 1mg per dose (4mg/3mL - 4mg total per pen)
  • 2mg per dose (8mg/3mL - 8mg total per pen)

Below is an image of the three different dosage pens:

Ozempic Pen Strengths all

You stated in your question that you have the '2mg pen'. I am unsure if you mean you have the 2mg per dose pen (which has a concentration of 8mg/3mL) or you have the 0.25mg/0.5mg per dose pen (which has a total of 2mg in the pen).

If you have the 0.25mg/0.5mg pen (which contains 2mg total), you are good to go. You can simply dial your dose to 0.25mg and inject.

However, if you have the 2mg per dose pen (8mg/3mL), you won't be able to deliver a dose of 0.25mg. This Ozempic pen only delivers doses in 2mg increments. We wrote about this in a different answer (Can You Get A 1mg Dose From The Ozempic 8mg/3mL (2mg) Pen? | HelloPharmacist), and described how the 2mg per dose pen cannot be used to deliver doses other than 2mg.

So, to reiterate, if you have the RED Ozempic pen (0.25mg/0.5mg dose), you can just dial your dose to 0.25mg. If you have the YELLOW Ozempic pen (2mg per dose), you have the wrong pen as you won't be able to dose 0.25mg

If you have the wrong pen, it’s possible that either you were prescribed the wrong one or there was some confusion at the pharmacy. I have certainly seen cases where someone was prescribed a '2mg pen' and was dispensed the 2mg per dose pen instead of the intended 0.25 mg/0.5 mg pen.

I highly recommend reaching out to your doctor and pharmacy to resolve the situation so you can use the correct dose prescribed to you.

Final Words

I hope this answer provided some clarity! Thanks for reaching out.


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