Lack Of Kratom Interactions With Montelukast And Albuterol Question

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist explores potential interactions between kratom, albuterol, and montelukast.


Hi, do you know whether there are any interactions between Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) and montelukast or albuterol? The interactions checker lists the interactions as "unknown".

Asked by Ken On Jun 01, 2024

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Published Jun 03, 2024
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Thank you for contacting us and using our drug-herb interaction checker!

Currently, our interaction checker lists 'unknown' for interactions between kratom, albuterol, and montelukast, as you indicated in your question. 'Unknown' in our database means that no known interaction exists. However, we always urge caution because there may be a lack of data to definitively confirm whether an interaction does or does not exist, especially with natural medicines.

Kratom does have several interactions listed in our database. It is classified as an inhibitor of several CYP metabolizing enzymes and as a CNS (central nervous system) depressant. For example, we have listed interactions between kratom and all opioids, such as morphine (Kratom - Morphine Sulfate Interaction Details | HelloPharmacist), due to this classification.

Regarding albuterol and montelukast, as mentioned, we have no interactions listed.

Montelukast (Kratom - Montelukast Sodium Interaction Details | HelloPharmacist) is extensively metabolized in the liver by several different CYP enzymes, with CYP2C8 being the most predominant. It is not believed that kratom affects this enzyme to a clinically significant degree.

Similarly, albuterol (Kratom - Albuterol Interaction Details | HelloPharmacist) is metabolized in the liver but not by enzymes thought to be affected by kratom.

Overall, we do not have any empirical evidence that kratom interacts with montelukast or albuterol, and we would not theorize an interaction based on known mechanisms of action or metabolism. This is why we do not list any interactions.

Final Words

As always, it is recommended to talk to your doctor before starting any new medications or supplements so you can be appropriately monitored. Although no interactions are thought to be present, natural medications are not often extensively tested regarding drug interaction, so it is good to be under the care of your doctor.

Thanks again for contacting us!


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