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I take Elvanse 40mg for ADHD treatment. I usually take it in the morning with blackcurrant Robinson's Cordial, along with my breakfast (Weetabix chocolate chunk cereal and whole milk with yogurt). I also take my supplements at the same time: a multivitamin, fish oil capsule, cholecalciferol 2000 IU, and probiotic capsule. I tend to take these supplements on weekdays only. Would any of these interact with my Elvanse's absorption, or am I able to take these all together in the morning?

Asked by Ian On Apr 01, 2024

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Published Apr 01, 2024
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Thanks for your question! Since I am in the United States, I will be referencing Elvanse as 'Vyvanse,' which is the brand name here in the States. Both drugs contain the same active ingredient, lisdexamfetamine.

You mentioned a number of different supplements, all of which I have taken into consideration:

None of these are known to interact with Vyvanse. Some of them certainly do have interactions that are important to know about (such as black currant and fish oil with anticoagulants), but again, there is no known interaction between anything in the above list and Vyvanse:

We don't have specific pages for 'multivitamins, yogurt or probiotic capsules', but there are no known problems between Vyvanse and any of those.

I will say, however, that the urinary elimination of amphetamines (like Vyvanse) can be affected by drugs or food that acidify or alkalinize the urine. Acidification of the urine speeds amphetamine elimination (which may reduce effectiveness).

Yogurt is slightly acidic, so, theoretically, if you ate a lot of it consistently, it may over time slightly reduce the effectiveness of Vyvanse due to acidification of urine. I really wouldn't expect this to happen with normal consumption though.

Additionally, the absorption of Vyvanse isn't known to be significantly affected by stomach pH, which is why the drug can be taken with or without food.

Final Words

Based on the information I have available, I don't see any interactions with what you listed.

Thanks for connecting with us! I hope this was helpful.


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